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Comic 161 - 152 - Hank & Gertrude's turn
27th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM
152 - Hank & Gertrude's turn
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Author Notes:
Hogan edit delete
Actually, Gertrude's stories should be declared as a lethal weapon too...
Sorry for the delay, a mix of busy times and hardware failure got us behind on the strip, but now you can enjoy Ron's love of ancient gunpowdered weaponry :)

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Art by Ron.
User comments:
Oz (Guest) edit delete reply
Anything that uses "gunpowder" in the classic sense is not considered a weapon in Texas, they are labeled as Antiques. Technically, I could take my .50 cal rifle into an airport and be just fine. Practically, I have absolutely NO desire to test that theory!
Nutster edit delete reply
What Texas considers a weapon and the TSA considers weapons could be very different things. At the very least, the rifle goes into checked luggage, not carry-on.
3Xp4t (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, double quantum railgun or a jar of mayonnaise. In Gertrude's hands, equally lethal to anyone in her sights.

Gertrude herself is listed as "furkini full of wonderful things that can hurt people." True story. I peeked at the list while they were distracted. (they both failed Saving Throw vs. Gertrude Makes Anyone Forget Their Vows, which is d20 against Wisdom -18)
Wyrmhand (Guest) edit delete reply
Any update when the next comic might come?
Hogan edit delete reply
It might be a while I'm afraid since Ron has taken his RV & Wife and went on a nice long trip..
Good for him, bad for us, but we'll be back as soon as he is :)
Nutster edit delete reply
I just realized that in panel 4, the sheriff's statement is attributed to Scale instead. How easy is it to move the speech bubble's pointer?
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
The Sheriff is clearly practicing his ventriloquism!