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Comic 161 - 152 - Hank & Gertrude's turn
27th Jun 2017, 6:00 AM
152 - Hank & Gertrude's turn
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Author Notes:
Hogan edit delete
Actually, Gertrude's stories should be declared as a lethal weapon too...
Sorry for the delay, a mix of busy times and hardware failure got us behind on the strip, but now you can enjoy Ron's love of ancient gunpowdered weaponry :)

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Art by Ron.
User comments:
Oz (Guest) edit delete reply
Anything that uses "gunpowder" in the classic sense is not considered a weapon in Texas, they are labeled as Antiques. Technically, I could take my .50 cal rifle into an airport and be just fine. Practically, I have absolutely NO desire to test that theory!
Nutster edit delete reply
What Texas considers a weapon and the TSA considers weapons could be very different things. At the very least, the rifle goes into checked luggage, not carry-on.
3Xp4t (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, double quantum railgun or a jar of mayonnaise. In Gertrude's hands, equally lethal to anyone in her sights.

Gertrude herself is listed as "furkini full of wonderful things that can hurt people." True story. I peeked at the list while they were distracted. (they both failed Saving Throw vs. Gertrude Makes Anyone Forget Their Vows, which is d20 against Wisdom -18)
Wyrmhand (Guest) edit delete reply
Any update when the next comic might come?
Hogan edit delete reply
It might be a while I'm afraid since Ron has taken his RV & Wife and went on a nice long trip..
Good for him, bad for us, but we'll be back as soon as he is :)
Nutster edit delete reply
I just realized that in panel 4, the sheriff's statement is attributed to Scale instead. How easy is it to move the speech bubble's pointer?