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Comic 157 - 148 - Scout in the Snow
2nd May 2017, 6:00 AM
148 - Scout in the Snow
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Author Notes:
Hogan edit delete
I... don't remember seeing that one on the passenger list? :|

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Art by Ron.
User comments:
David Nuttall (Guest) edit delete reply
Isn't that just Scale wearing an android mask?
acedreamer edit delete reply
The original crew of the train, as assigned by Wheels, was supposed to be ex-EO robots...

There were such crew on this train before entered YAFGC, but, I was guessing the low local tech level upset them (assuming they survived the crash). In GG I guess they'd be called 'clanks'... The seduction model robots (I think) looked human apart from their heads.

As for that being Scale, she has red hair, and I thought Gertrude in battle-mode had eyes that went yellow, not red, so, I'm not sure who this is...
Nutster edit delete reply
Her belly will be really chilly, whoever she is.