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Comic 160 - 151 - Scale's Confession
30th May 2017, 6:00 AM
151 - Scale's Confession
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Author Notes:
Hogan edit delete
Ahem... Scale my girl, sometimes the truth does NOT need to come out... trust me :)

And yes, Krosp WAS excused... Amen!

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Art by Ron.
User comments:
Jeff RH (Guest) edit delete reply
Isn't Krosp the Emperor of Cats?
Nutster edit delete reply
Emperor, King. Is there really a difference?
Elfguy (Guest) edit delete reply
Well, in general, an Emperor rules over Kings. Kings rule Kingdoms, while Emperors rule Empires. (and Counts rule Counties, and so on)
Oz (Guest) edit delete reply
Scale can't be delusional, she's following a script. The problem is, she's written to know that she is following a script, but she has to follow it anyway. What keeps her from going insane?
Hogan edit delete reply
I don't know, but if you find it, can you let me know? I need some of it after trying to wrap my mind around your commentary... :D