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Comic 21 - 016 - 11507
14th Jul 2015, 6:00 AM
016 - 11507
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Author Notes:
Hogan edit delete
Lots on introductions in this strip...
First we got Drop Forge, Shelterville's Black Smith, and his Sidekick and helper Anvil.
Then we got Blaze from The KAMics, Gertrude's faithful steed.
And then off course the Train Crew of Conductor, Engineer and Fireman, former Droids Allied with The Evil Overlords.

Art by Ron.

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User comments:
Oz (Guest) edit delete reply
Can't believe I missed the start of this comic! All caught up now
Fatolbaldguy edit delete reply
the Locomotive is numbered 11507. That is the date the first Cameo Comic appeared in which Scale was born.